New Application for Google Augmented Reality Glasses Considered

A day or two ago, I was examining with a colleague who was enlisting himself into our research organization about the eventual fate of computer generated reality, really expanded reality and obscuring of this present reality with the virtual web-based universe of online entertainment, informal communities, and the worldwide data stream continuously. We discussed Google's R&D Department and their most recent expanded reality glasses which were highlighted not very far in the past in all the Nerdy Tech sites and individual innovation magazines.

We were examining every one of the possible applications, which are non-finishing and subsequent to conceptualizing for seemingly 5-minutes we concocted around 50 certifiable necessary applications and reasonable right now today. Some as of now exist, for example, police tech gadgets for watch officials. At any rate, just yesterday I was chatting with the Founder of another process for betting, no it's not your old common card counting plan, or a numerical MIT unthinkable for most people to do schedule, rather his framework was one created by him for those playing a game of cards in club.

As a matter of fact, he composed a fascinating eBook on the subject named; "The Samonte System, Finally, a betting framework that works." Anyway Alan was letting me know that his framework didn't need a virtuoso level IQ or some mystery expanded reality PC framework. For sure, initially I inquired as to whether he was alluding to an essential procedure in betting utilizing math, calculations, vicinities, card counts, and a modernized choice lattice framework, and provided that this is true, I told him, then I grasp the worth, all things considered, Turns out it doesn't    UFABET  need any of that, truth be told.

Presently then, suppose you would rather not buy his eBook on Amazon's Kindle for $.99 I accept he said it was, suppose you'd prefer put resources into an expanded reality framework you could wear as standard mirrors and have all that data connected to your iPad which you wore on your hip. Indeed, then the framework could utilize a fake shrewd programming framework with calculations to prompt you which cards to play and your chances as you go.

You'd view at the card with your glasses as you played and each card played, as you came, while the expanded reality framework would monitor everything for you. Then you'd need to involve your abilities as a poker player from that point, understanding countenances, and looking for pieces of information. A framework that could do all that could cost you $5,500 and the greater part of that could equipment, which albeit somewhat more exorbitant than the $.99 Kindle eBook, however it could be a cool individual tech to possess now couldn't it?

I'd say, in the event that you are intrigued, give me an email and we can talk, and afterward challenge that Alan Samonte System to a duel of high-stakes Texas Hold'em. I figure with about $30,000 in programming and numerical turn of events, in addition to the equipment referenced above, we would have a possibility of beating Alan unexpectedly. If it's not too much trouble, think about this and consider it.

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